Local Planning Applications


Wokingham Borough Council, as the Planning Authority has a statutory duty to consult Earley Town Council on all planning applications in our area.


Wokingham Borough Council’s “Statement of Community Involvement” sets out the notification procedure for consulting neighbouring residents of a planning application which may affect them.  This document can be found on Wokingham Borough Council’s website at:



Residents can comment on a planning application via Wokingham Borough Council’s website at: 



Alternatively Wokingham Borough Council’s Planning Department can be contacted at:- development.control@wokingham.gov.uk or by post to: Planning Department, Wokingham Borough Council, Shute End, Wokingham, Berkshire, RG40 1WR.


Earley Town Council asks that any comments made to Wokingham Borough Council on a planning application are also copied to us at: deputy@earley-tc.gov.uk, so that our Planning Committee when deciding its own comments are aware of any representations made to the Borough Council by our residents.


Wokingham Borough Council do not send paper copies of planning applications to Earley Town Council, therefore planning applications can be viewed on Wokingham Borough Council’s website at: https://planning.wokingham.gov.uk/FastWebPL/welcome.asp


However, if you do not have access to a computer, planning applications can be viewed at Wokingham Borough Council’s Shute End Offices or alternatively an appointment can be made with us at the Town Council by contacting Tel: 0118 986 8895.


Wokingham Borough Council has added further information to planning pages on their website aimed at residents considering an extension and residents who are concerned about a neighbour’s planning application.  The information can be found at:



Wokingham Borough Council also has guidance on how to view and use the planning applications and planning constraints maps.  Please see WBC’s guide.


A list of recent Planning Applications under consideration can be found by clicking on the links below: 


Week Ending 23.09.2022

Week Ending 16.09.2022

Week Ending 09.09.2022

Week Ending 02.09.2022

Week Ending 26.08.2022

Week Ending 19.08.2022

Week Ending 12.08.2022

Week Ending 05.08.2022

Week Ending 29.07.2022

Week Ending 22.07.2022

Week Ending 15.07.2022

Week Ending 08.07.2022

Week Ending 01.07.2022

Week Ending 24.06.2022

Week Ending 17.06.2022

Week Ending 10.06.2022

Week Ending 03.06.2022

Week Ending 27.05.2022

Week Ending 20.05.2022

Week Endling 13.05.2022

Week Ending 06.05.2022

Week Ending 29.04.2022

Week Ending 22.04.2022

Week Ending 15.04.2022

Week Ending 08.04.2022

Week Ending 01.04.2022

Week Ending 25.03.2022

Week Ending 18.03.2022

Week Ending 11.03.2022

Week Ending 04.03.2022

Week Ending 25.02.2022

Week Ending 18.02.2022

Week Ending 11.02.2022

Week Ending 04.02.2022

Week Ending 28.01.2022

Week Ending 21.01.2022

Week Ending 14.01.2022

Week Ending 07.01.2022

Week Ending 31.12.2021

Week Ending 24.12.2021

Week Ending 17.12.2021

Week Ending 10.12.2021

Week Ending 03.12.2021

Week Ending 26.11.2021

Week Ending 19.11.2021

Week Ending 12.11.2021

Week Ending 05.11.2021

Week Ending 29.10.2021

Week Ending 22.10.2021

Week Ending 15.10.2021

Week Ending 08.10.2021

Week Ending 01.10.2021

Week Ending 24.09.2021



Previous planning applications can be accessed via Wokingham Borough Council’s website.




Local Plan Update: Revised Growth Strategy Consultation

22nd November 20211 – 17th January 2022


Wokingham Borough Council are consulting residents on changes to the Local Plan Update. The Revised Growth Strategy consultation leaflet is available for download, and more details can be found on the engage.wokingham website.