Earley Town Council Mayor


The Town Mayor is elected annually in May by the Town Council. The Mayor serves as the Chair of the Town Council and presides over meetings of the council. The Mayor also acts a figurehead for the Council in the community, attending engagements, officiating at events, presenting prizes or certificates and acting in an apolitical way on behalf of the Council.


If you would like to invite the Town Mayor to your event then please contact Yvonne Crocker, Committees Officer:


By phone:  0118 9986 8995 

By email:    [email protected].

By post:      Earley Town Council, Radstock Lane, Earley, RG6 5UL.


Please note that all invitations are automatically extended to the Deputy Mayor if the Mayor is unable to attend the event.


When thinking about what information you need to include with your invitation, be sure to enclose the essential details: the nature of the event; what the event is; the date and time; the venue address; the Mayor’s involvement. 


Details of recent events the Mayor has attended can be found in the section below.



ETC Mayor & Deputy Mayor 2023/24     



Councillor Caroline Smith was elected          Councillor Melanie De Jong was elected 

Mayor of Earley at the Annual Town              Deputy Mayor of Earley at the Annual

Council meeting held on 17th May                 Town Council meeting held on 17th 

2023.                                                                     May 2023.



Mayor’s Nominated Charity


Councillor Caroline Smith, Mayor of Earley, has chosen The Link Visiting Scheme as her nominated charity for 2023/24.




Recent Events Attended by the Mayor of Earley




22nd June 2023 Sports Day, Hawkedon Primary School 
22nd June 2023 AGM, Promise Inclusion
1st July 2023 Coffee Morning, The Mayor of Newbury and Project Salama 
13th July 2023 Grand Opening / 1 Year Celebration, Maiden Erlegh Pre-School
2nd September 2023 Reading Pride – Love Unites Parade
6th September 2023 Evening Reception,  High Sheriff of Royal County of Berkshire



Previous Earley Town Council Chairmen & Mayors


Period of Office Title Forename Surname Position
1974-1976 Mr R.E Boulton Chairman
1976-1981 Mr A.C Paddick Chairman
1981-1983 Mr A.W Spratling Chairman
1983-1987 Mr J Busby Chairman
1987-1988 Mr A.W Spratling Chairman
1988-1989 Mrs V.J. Santon Chairman
1989-1990 Mr D.J Fruin Chairman
1990-1991 Mr P Devonald Chairman
1991-1992 Mr A.W Spratling Chairman
1992-1994 Mrs F.M Rolls Chairman
1994-1996 Mrs E Spratling Chairman
1996-1998 Mr M Richman Chairman
1998-1999 Mrs E Spratling Chairman
1999-2001 Mr A.D Long Chairman
2001-2003 Mrs I Dowdall Chairman
2003-2004 Mrs J Shockley Chairman
2004-2006 Mr D.D Chopping Chairman
2006-2007 Mr David Chopping Mayor
2007-2008 Mr Norman Jorgensen Mayor
2008-2009 Mr Andrew Bradley Mayor
2009-2010 Mr John Armstrong Mayor
2010-2011 Mr Peter Willis Mayor
2011-2012 Mr Tim Chambers Mayor
2012-2013 Mrs Pauline Jorgensen Mayor
2013-2015 Mrs Linda Chambers Mayor
2015-2016 Mrs Melanie De Jong Mayor
2016-2017 Miss Jackie  Rance Mayor
2017-2018 Mr Michael Firmager Mayor
2018-2019 Mr Brian Wedge Mayor
2019-2021 Mr David Hare Mayor
2021-2022 Mrs Anne Bassett Mayor
2022-2023 Mr Tahir Maher Mayor