Climate Emergency


2021 saw the United Nations 26th Conference of the Parties (COP 26) come together for a major climate change summit in Glasgow. The world is taking this necessary step to change human behaviour for the next generation, Earley Town Council will also play its part in stopping and reversing the damage from human activity in recent times.


Earley Town Council announced its own Climate Emergency Declaration and approved a Climate Emergency Action Plan at the Council Meeting on 31st March 2021 (Minute 143.2). It was developed by the Earley Town Council Climate Emergency working group. An Update to the Climate Emergency Action Plan was approved by the Full Council on 30th March  2022 (Minute 152.2). A Green Infrastructure Policy was approved at the Council Meeting on 30th March 2022 (Minute 152.1). A Green Infrastructure Action Plan was formally adopted at the Council Meeting 11th May 2022 (Minute 16).


On 17th February 2021, Earley Town Council announced its own Climate Emergency Declaration, a Declaration that was the result of an enthusiastic cross party Council working group, with the aim of moving the Town Council to a Net Zero emissions status.


At the full Council Meeting on 31st March 2021, the Climate Emergency working group received the full backing of the Council for the Earley Climate Emergency Action Plan which detailed how ETC will begin to move to Net Zero emissions.


The working group Chair, Cllr Caroline Smith, said at that meeting – This action plan is a live document and will evolve as we go forward – it is definitely neither cast in tablets of stone nor is it highly prescriptive because that would make us a hostage to fortune. There are many uncertainties, and we will need to remain agile. And we are keen to receive input from residents and stakeholders.


Cllr Marion Shaw added – Earley Town Council aims, through its Climate Emergency working group, to achieve a new and greener vision to promote quantifiable improvements in the lives of Earley residents.” She went on to say “Key activities will include securing financial and expert support, reducing plastic use and disposal, enabling the provision of allotments and other outdoor green activities, limiting energy consumption, the intention being to contribute to the C02 mitigation rates of 13.19% required by Wokingham Borough Council to stay within our recommended carbon budget.


Download the Climate Emergency Declaration


 Download the Climate Emergency Action Plan


Download the Climate Emergency Action Plan Update  March 2022


Download the Green Infrastructure Policy Document


Download the Green Infrastructure Action Plan