Committee Representation

Amenities and Leisure Planning Policy and Resources
Anne Bassett Anne Bassett Anne Bassett
Nicola Brock (Vice-Chair) Rosemary Cook Judith Clark (Vice-Chair)
Miryam Eastwell David Hare John Eastwell
David Hare Dave Ireland David Hare
Dave Ireland Geoff Littler (Chair) Ralph Houlbrooke
Andrew Long Andrew Micklebrugh (Vice-Chair) Clive Jones (Chair)
Alison Newton (Chair) Al Neal Andrew Micklebrugh
Keith Yabsley Richard Sangster Philip Stothart
Gurdeep Bhangra Caroline Smith David Chopping
Sheena Matthews Marion Shaw Sheena Matthews


Town Mayor: David Hare
Deputy Town Mayor: Anne Bassett
Leader of the Liberal Democrats: Clive Jones
Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrats: Andrew Long
Leader of the Conservatives: David Chopping
Deputy Leader of the Conservatives: Gurdeep Bhangra
Leader of Labour: Sheena Matthews
Deputy Leader of Labour: Marion Shaw
Political Composition:

Liberal Democrat 21

Conservative 2
Labour 2