Planning Committee Minutes

Minutes of the Planning Minutes of Earley Town Council, held in the Council Chamber, Council Offices, Radstock Lane, Earley.  (Click on the dates below to view pdf copy of the minutes).





8th January 9th January

10th January

5th February 6th February 7th February
5th March 5th March 6th March
9th April 10th April 11th April
21st May 15th May 16th May
11th June 12th June  
9th July 10th July 11th July
13th August 14th Aug 15th August
10th September 11th September 12th September
8th October 9th October 10th October
12th November 13th November 6th November
  11th December 5th December


Previous minutes are available upon request. Please enquire by sending an e-mail to A charge may be made to cover costs incurred by the Town Council.