WBC Consultation – Changes to Street Cleaning & Grounds Maintenance

Wokingham Borough Council have launched a public consultation on ways it can make savings in some of its service areas, for example litter bins, road sweeping, grass cutting etc.


“The consultation includes about 150 litter bins that could be removed (out of about 1,100 in the borough). The bins proposed for removal have been chosen because the council believes their removal would have the least impact. But the consultation will offer the chance for residents to comment on the selection and suggest other bins that could be removed instead.  


Other ideas include reducing the amount of weed spraying that is carried out, clearing up around bottle banks less often and spending less on town centre mechanical street sweeping. The council needs to save £600,000 over three years with the changes.


Grass cutting could be reduced from about six times a year to four for verges and smaller spaces, with grass kept appropriately short in play areas, sports pitches and where motorists need visibility.


The council proposes letting grass grow long in more places and cutting annually, which will provide habitats for local wildlife and help address the climate emergency.”


The consultation is open until Sunday 10th September, to have your say visit engage.wokingham.gov.uk