Let It Bloom in June

Did you get involved in “No Mow May”? If so, you might like to continue your great work of helping support wildlife and boosting pollination by joining “Let it Bloom June”. 


No Mow May organised by wild plant conservation charity Plantlife encouraged people to say no to mowing during the month of May to let wildflowers bloom and encourage pollinators. 


Earley Town Council supported it by leaving parts of Earley’s parks, open spaces, and amenity areas uncut, overseen by our very own Scare-mow ‘No Mow’ Maisie. As we move through June, ETC will continue to let the wildflowers thrive in many of our parks, open spaces and amenities as part of ‘Let it Bloom in June’.


Buglife’s B-Lines is a series of ‘insect pathways’ running through Britain’s countryside and towns, along which Buglife are restoring and creating a series of wildflower-rich habitat stepping stones, and one of their B-Lines runs through Earley. These B-Lines link existing wildlife areas together, creating a network, like a railway, that weaves across the British landscape providing large areas of brand new habitat benefiting bees and butterflies– but also a host of other wildlife.


Why not join us in ‘Let It Bloom in June’ and remember – every flower counts.