Mobile Citizens Advice Unit

Earley Town Council provided a grant to support the purchase and running costs of a mobile advice unit for Citizens Advice Wokingham. It will serve across the borough of Wokingham, and follows on the success of the pop-up advice units that were implemented during the Covid lockdown.


The Mobile Advice Unit will feature everything Citizens Advice Wokingham needs to offer advice and information services on the go. This includes advice sessions in locations across the borough, with regular meetings in areas with high levels of deprivation. The mobile unit will also visit schools at pick-up times to support families, alongside appearing at supermarkets, GP surgeries and areas with greater footfall.


The van will also have a room built on the inside so people can have confidential discussions, and residents will be able to request the vehicle to come to their area online.


The mobile advice unit was delivered on Friday 1st of October, and Citizens Advice Wokingham will be launching the service this Friday 8th October.


To find out more about the mobile advice unit, please visit the Citizens Advice Wokingham website.