Ali’s Recyling Reopens at Earley Town Council Helpshop

Update – 5th January 2021 – Please note that the Earley Town Council Helpshop is currently closed to the public, and so collections cannot be received at this time


The Town Council is pleased to announce that the Ali’s Recycling collection point at the Earley Town Council Help Shop is once more in operation.  


Residents can once again bring along bagged up items of recycling to the Town Council offices, during office hours, which Ali’s Recycling will then collect.  This will raise money for local charities, and allow the recycling of certain items of rubbish which cannot be recycled in regular waste collections.


All you need to do is……..


  1. Read Ali’s Recycling leaflet for details on the specific types of recycling that can be deposited.  

  2. Bag up your items of recycling (rinsing out any containers, etc.)

  3. Bring your bag to the Town Council offices during office hours (9am till 12pm and 2pm till 4pm) and place it in the bin provided in the Helpshop.

For any Facebook users, further information can be found on Ali’s Recycling facebook page at:


Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Ali is currently collecting for the following schemes:


Kids Food Pouch

Air, Home & Laundry Care

Aqua Optima Water Filter

Bread Bags

Burt’s Bees




Crisp Packet

Ferrero Rocher

KP Snacks

Lavazza Eco Caps


Maybelline Makeup

Pet Food

Pladis Biscuits & Snacks


Tassimo & l’or

Writing Instruments



Also: Milk Bottle Tops, Ink Jet Cartridges, Metal Ring Pulls from Drink Cans