Council Minutes

Minutes of the meeting of Council held in the Council Chamber, Radstock Lane, Earley are available to view below. (Just click on the dates to view pdf version of the minutes).


Minutes prior to 2014 can be requested from the Town Council Offices. Please e-mail with your request.

Charges may be made for the copies and postage if paper copies are requested..





 17th February  18th February 7th January

 17th February Town Forum


 18th February Town Forum  
 06th April    12th February
 06th April Town Forum    12th February Town Forum
 11th May 15th April  9th April
 11th May Annual Town Electors Meeting  15th April Town Forum  
 29th June  20th May  
   20th May Annual Town Meeting  7th May Annual Town Meeting
   24th June  25th June Town Forum
   24th June Town Forum 30th July
 27th July  29th July  30th July Town Forum
 19th October 14th October 15th October
 19th October Town Forum 14th October Town forum 15th October Town Forum
     26th November
 30th November 25th November  26th November Town Forum