Town Councillors Attend Planning Inspectorate Hearings on M4 Smart Motorway Development

At a Meeting of Earley Town Council held on 25th November, Councillor Dr Norman Jorgensen referred to Minutes of Earley Town Council’s Planning Committee that had considered the examination timetable and procedure and a statement of common ground for the development proposal from Highways England for proposed M4 Smart Motorway between Junctions 3 and 12. Cclr Dr Norman Jorgensen, Member for Hillside Ward and Cclr John Russell both attended the Planning Inspectorate Open Floor Hearing on 16th November and the Issue Specific Hearing on Environment on 17th and 18th November. ¬†Cclr Dr Jorgensen made a personal submission to the Examination and also spoke at the Issue Specific Hearing. A copy of his report to the Meeting is available upon request to