Community Orchard Plan Bears Fruit

At a recent meeting of its Amenities and Leisure Committee, Earley Town Councillors were informed that an agreement had been reached ins discussions between Wokingham Borough Council and Earley Town Council Officers to move towards the creation of a Community orchard in Laurel Park. At the present time, Laurel Park is a Borough administered park but confirmation has now been received that the Borough Council would have no objection to the creation of this orchard which is to be located on a grassed area adjacent to a footpath which runs parallel with the side of the football pitches at Laurel Park.

Town Council Officers are now in discussion with the Orchard Group regarding planting plans with a view to having the trees planted before the spring. Mrs J Hackett, the Leader of the Community Orchard Group, complimented the Town Council on being able to achieve this positive result and said the Orchard Group is keen to move things along.


At the same time, the Town Clerk, Philip Truppin, is in discussion with Wokingham Borough Council Officers with a view to the Town Council taking over the management of Laurel Park in the near future.