Town Council Notes Progress Towards Acquisition of Redhatch Copse

At a recent meeting of the Amenities and Leisure Committee, Councillors received a report that a site meeting had taken place during the summer, attended by Contractors working on behalf of the developers,representatives of Earley Town Council and Wokingham Borough Council. During that meeting, it was agreed that certain invasive species of tree would be felled to be replaced by new planting of indigenous species.

At the moment, the Town Council is still waiting for the developer#s contractors to carry out the pre-handover work that has been agreed. The Town Council is expecting, however, that this work will be carried out with a view to a handover from the developer by the end of the current year.

For further information contact Philip Truppin, Town Clerk


    1. Unfortunately there are still works to be completed by the Developers, so the Town Council have not been given a hand over date at the current time. You can contact the Deputy Town Clerk,, for any further updates

  1. We bought our house because of the Redhatch copse behind it, we do not like the fact that trees directly ajoining our property are being removed, they would have been there for many many years and have thus far not fallen over. I have been advised that one tree taken down was of the oak variety. Timely advice as to what is taking place would have been in the interest of local residents and the council.
    Thanking you
    Dave Melrose
    70 Redhatch Drive

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