Sol Joel and Other Local Parks

There are several other local parks of significance. These include Laurel Park and Chalfont Park, both of which are owned and administered by Wokingham Borough Council, and Sol Joel Park which is owned by Reading Borough Council, but Earley Town Council have leased it for a period of 50 years, from September 2001. All three have substantial recreation and leisure facilities for organised activity. To date, as is recorded elsewhere within this Web page, the Town Council has already provided a Sports and Skate Park which is proving tremendously popular with local youngsters.

Although the Borough still look after the playing fields at Laurel Park, all pitches and events are booked through Earley Town Council, who then pass them on to the Borough. This arrangement has happened due to the fact that the Pavilion is now managed by the Town Council.


The Pavilion at Sol Joel Park has now been rebuilt, and is in use by various Clubs.  The toilets are open for use by the Public in the Park when there are members of Staff working at the Park.





In addition, several skate ramps have been provided which are suitable for rollerblading skateboarding and BMX Biking. The equipment has recently been upgraded and added to, and more recently a Parkour "Street running" facility has been installed.




Sol Joel Park has recently been awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Field status by fields in Trust.

Seven Jubilee Trees have been planted in Earley, one of which is in Sol Joel Park. To view all the trees, you can see photos of these at

Tree planted at Sol Joel Park

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